Matt Deemer’s 2007 Magnum RT
In Matt’s words...
I had wanted a Magnum for some time and had been watching the ads until I found something local.  I stopped by Chrysler of Culpeper to look at a blue RT.  It wasn’t really the color I wanted (looked grey to me) and it didn’t really fit what I was looking for.  While talking with the sales manager, I described my ‘ideal’ Magnum.  After hearing what I described, he said, I have one of those coming in tomorrow.  Well, it was almost what I described.  (It lacked the NAV system)  It was however, close enough for me so I traded my 06 Liberty in and drove it home.
It’s a Magnum RT with low miles and a few of the nicer options, Chrome wheels, Satellite radio, interior convenience group, etc.
My plans for it include: resonator elimination, cold air intake, SRT hood, and bigger tires.  I will dress it up a little, remove some of the badges, and things like that.