David’s 1968 Charger
In David’s words...
When I was 16 years old, there was a ’68 Charger for sale in my home town that I desperately wanted to buy.  Unfortunately, I was never able to raise enough money to buy it, and the car was eventually sold to someone else.  Many years later, I happened across another ’68 Charger in the parking lot where I worked.  I learned that the car was owned by a friend of mine’s husband and they agreed to give me first option if ever the car came up for sale.  Seven years later, the phone rang and I purchased the car, my original note still in the glove box!  I’ve had it for about 15 years and it’s never “done”.  I am constantly working and saving towards the next upgrade.  
It was originally a Hunter Green 383 car but had a 318 in it when I purchased it.  It now has a mildly built 440 and wears Chrome Yellow paint.  Future upgrades include high performance transmission, aluminum heads and frame stiffening.